65+ Men's Doubles Tennis

Hi, tennis players!

Katsue Toddun, the treasurer of the Mangawhai Tennis Club, is interested in starting Men’s morning tennis on Tuesday/Friday mornings.


We currently allow a few men to come and play in the Monday/Wednesday Morning Tennis Group, but we are considering changing it back to “women’s tennis”, which these sessions were originally formed for. We now have more than 40 female members on the list, and these women have begun to fill up all the courts. There are quite a few new female members registered this year, and we would like to encourage them to join us on these two days of the week. That means we have to set up new dates and times for the men.   


Where: Mangawhai Tennis Club Courts


When: Tuesday and Friday mornings


Hours: 8:00 a.m. – 11.00 a.m. (later start in winter, earlier in summer)


Who: any men aged 65 and older

(However, basic knowledge of tennis skills, scoring and rules is necessary.)


Cost: There is a small charge for balls


Minimum number: 4


Katsue usually organises her own games on Tuesday/Friday mornings, and while she is on the court, she is offering to help senior men form a new tennis group.


You don’t have to be a member to come to the first two sessions, but you will have to join the club to continue. Then you can organise games during other times, too.


So, if you are interested, please contact Katsue at 0212287990 or

Covid-19 Opt In Traffic Light Rules

Under the new traffic light system the committee had to decide whether to opt into the My Vaccine Pass this Friday, 3 December. This is the path that New Zealand is is taking to try and control this pandemic using vaccination passes and the traffic light system to allow businesses and hospitals to keep operating. Therefore the tennis club committee has adopted a policy that My Vaccine Pass will be used at specified times and days of the week. We require all adult members to use the My Vaccine Pass system during these hours (unless they have a medical exemption which the committee is able to verify).   These my vaccine pass times are 8-11 am and 6-9pm Mondays, 8-11am Tuesdays, 8-11am Wednesdays, 8-11am Fridays and Thursdays from 3 pm.  Juniors are exempt from my vaccine pass requirements.


Outside of these hours members can play there is no requirement for my vaccine pass and anyone with a casual key can play if there is a court free, there is no booking system, it is first in first served.