Happy Tennis Players

Monday and Wednesday Ladies Doubles

Monday and Wednesday day morning doubles tennis organised by some of our lovely members. 


We gather at the tennis courts and play for 1.5 to 2 hours in the morning and have coffee after.  The games are very popular and we often have 4-6 courts occupied. 

Ladies (and gentlemen who are invited) of all skill levels are welcome. However, basic knowledge of tennis skills, scoring and rules are necessary.

Starting time changes each season (between 8.30am and 9.30am), so please contact Barbara Thomas at 021 036 0066 or barbth@live.com before coming down to the courts.


If you are new and not sure, you are welcome to come and play one or two times with the ladies, without any payment or being a member, but after that you will need to contribute ball money and be a member of the club.


Since these games are privately organised, it has its own eclectic rules, this is so we get to mix around and play with different people in the time allowed.  You can download the rules below: