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Tuesday & Friday Mixed Intermediate to Advanced
Morning Tennis

Katsue Toddun, the treasurer of the Mangawhai Tennis Club, organizes intermediate-advanced group on Tuesday/Friday mornings.  


Katsue groups players into a group of 4 depending on their skill level. Sometimes you may play mixed doubles other times it may be an all-men or all-women group of 4. 


Where: Mangawhai Tennis Club Courts


When: Tuesday and Friday Mornings


Hours: 9:00 a.m. – 11.00 a.m. in winter (earlier in summer)


Who: Mangawhai Tennis Club members with intermediate-advanced skill level.


This is an invitation-only group.  You will need to be invited by an existing Tue/Fri member.


To do so, please try Monday/Wednesday morning tennis  first, if you are a woman or a senior man.

If you are a younger man, please try the Monday night’s men’s tennis  first.


To get invited, first find a member who plays on Tue/Fri mornings and if they think you are at a level which would enjoy our tennis, they can refer you.  Get the member to email Katsue with your contact details. 


 Cost: There is a small charge for balls.


Minimum number: 4


​Any more questions? Please contact Katsue

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