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Tuesday & Friday Mixed Doubles
Intermediate to Advanced
Morning Tennis

Katsue Toddun, the treasurer of the Mangawhai Tennis Club, organizes intermediate-advanced group on Tuesday/Friday mornings.  

Katsue groups players into a group of 4 depending on their skill level. Sometimes you may play mixed doubles other times it may be an all-men or all-women group of 4. 


Where: Mangawhai Tennis Club Courts


When: Tuesday and Friday Mornings


Hours: 9:00 a.m. – 11.00 a.m. in winter (earlier in summer)


Who: Mangawhai Tennis Club members with intermediate-advanced skill level.


This is an invitation-only group.  You will need to be invited by an existing Tue/Fri member.


To do so, please try Monday/Wednesday morning tennis  first, if you are a woman or a senior man.

If you are a younger man, please try the Monday night’s men’s tennis  first.


To get invited, first find a member who plays on Tue/Fri mornings and if they think you are at a level which would enjoy our tennis, they can refer you.  Get the member to email Katsue with your contact details. 


Cost: There is a small charge for balls.


Minimum number: 4


​Any more questions? Please contact Katsue

To facilitate cancellations due to things such as weather or court repairs, you will be asked to share your email address and phone number with the group organiser and potentially others in the group.

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