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Tennis Players Shaking Hands

Thursday Night Mixed Doubles

Social mixed doubles club tennis is played on Thursday evenings, under floodlights.  This is in the form of a Round Robin doubles tournament. 

Different teams are formed for each tournament.  Each team consists of four players, with players ranked 1 to 4 so individuals can play against others of similar ability.  If you want to play in a round you are assigned a team to play with or you can opt to be a reserve for a round. 


We play five to seven of these tournaments a year. New members are always welcomed.


The tennis is competitive for all skill levels but fun and social with players whose ages currently range from mid teens to late 70s.

You need to be on the Thursday night email list (this is different to being on the member list and email) so you get an invite to play for the next round.  Contact Di Rous on mobile 0274970290 via text or call, if you are interested in playing mixed doubles on a Thursday night round.

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