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Tennis Club Membership

Membership entitles you to free use of the courts 7 days a week and to join in the many competitions and social events organised by the club and private groups.  Membership is available for adults, juniors and families.  The club is committed to provide a safe environment for our members to play tennis in and have some fun. 

With government covid restrictions easing in April the MTC has decided to change our stance regarding the my vaccine pass requirements for certain playing times. As of 11.59pm on 20th April 2022, we will no longer have playing times that require the my vaccine pass for players.


If you are a new member you will require a key. You will need to pay $20 for your first key and for any additional key you may require for family membership. You must return your key upon leaving the club.  Keys will need to be exchanged each year at no cost.  Missing keys will be replaced at a cost of $20.  There are early bird rates available in October, before the new year rolls over.   Please contact Mangawhai Tennis Treasurer, Katsue Toddun, with any questions email k_toddun@xtra.co.nz phone 021 228 7990.


Please remember all the committee are volunteers and we are also on holiday, so some patience would be appreciated if you are wanting a key or to swap your key over the Christmas break or any other public holiday.  You can contact Katsue on the number above, but please be considerate and let her have a holiday too. 


Alternatively, you can collect or swap your key at Aaron's office during office hours, but we would recommend you text or phone first so he can give you a time he will be available, as otherwise he may not be able to assist you if he is with a client (Aaron Toddun and Associates - 1  Awatea St 0276110616). 

Playing on the courts is at your own risk, and Mangawhai Tennis Club Inc cannot be held responsible for any injuries or losses incurred on the courts. Please be sensible and stay safe.


$ 150 /yr


+ 16 weeks coaching

$ 150 /yr


$ 250 /yr

Please note: Our membership registrations are managed by an external provider, so part of the registration and sign up there will be a redirect to the Sporty website.  Sporty do run advertisements at the bottom of the registration page, so please be careful to click on the submit button to the left, not any other button(s) further down.