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Frequently Asked Questions



Q. How can I become a member of the Mangawhai Tennis Club?


A. Go to, select a membership type and complete your registration and payment online.


Q. Can I pay membership fees in cash to one of the committee members, or can I pay it directly to the club’s bank account?


A. No. It is now a legal requirement for the club to obtain your contact details, your consent to be part of the club and agreement with our Terms & Conditions online.  Payment is managed through the online portal when you sign up.   


Q. What types of membership are there?


A. We have Adults, Juniors and Family.


Q. I’m joining late. Can I get a discount?


A. We have 3 types of fees: Early-Bird (October only), Standard and Late-Joiner (after April). Please do not contact the treasurer and ask for a special discount.  If you do not want to pay any of these subs, you can always hire a court for $20/hour from the gas station, or wait until the beginning of the new year (October is early-bird for November year start) and become a member then.  




Q. How can I get a court key if I become a member?


A. Please select KEY and pay $20 when you register yourself through the online portal. For more information, please check


Q. How do I use the key?


A. There’s a small black box by the gate in front of the club room. Please hold your key over it. To get out, simply press the green button by the light switches. Please remember to close the gate behind you.




Q. What types of club-organised games are there?


A. We have Monday/Wednesday Morning Tennis, Monday Night Men’s, Tuesday/Friday Morning Tennis and Thursday Night Mixed Doubles.


  1. Monday/Wednesday Morning Tennis: (mainly ladies with a small number of men, all levels)

  2. Monday Night Men’s: (Intermediate-Advanced, men only)

  3. Tuesday/Friday Morning Tennis: (Mixed doubles by invitation only)

  4. Thursday Night Mixed Doubles: (Men and women, all levels)


Q. Can I try a few games before joining the club?


A. Yes and no, depending on the games. You can try 2 sessions without membership for Monday/Wednesday Morning Tennis and Monday Night Men’s. No free sessions for Tuesday/Friday Morning Tennis and Thursday Night Mixed Doubles.


Q. My child would like to join junior coaching. How should I go about it?


A. Please see


Q. If I email the secretary or treasurer, will s/he help me?


A. Due to our committee all being volunteers and most working full time, we ask that you please contact each organizer directly if you would like to know more about organized games and/or coaching.




Q. Where can I hire a court?


A. Please see There are times slots when there are organised games and the courts may be full or unavailable. So, please check before paying for a key.


Q. Can I book a court?


A. We do not have a booking system. Please check when organized games are on (information available at the gas station and on the gate).


Q. Can I join club-organised tennis while I’m visiting Mangawhai?


A. Please contact each organiser directly. $10 donation per game.



Q. I rang the secretary/treasurer/game organiser, but they aren’t replying.


A. We are all volunteers, so please read the information on the website first as most questions are answered there, rather than email us questions where the answers are publicly available.  Most of us only check our emails a couple of times a week.


Q. I’m here in Mangawhai but it’s a public holiday. Can I pick up a key?


A. Please remember all the committee are volunteer and we are also on holiday, so some patience would be appreciated if you are wanting a key over the Christmas break or any other public holiday. For more information, please see

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